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LIVE / ONLINE AUCTION of Metal Fab-Machine Shops – Iron Mountain and White Pine Michigan – Today Aug 16th and Thursday Aug 18th

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Come and Join our Industry Leading Team for the buy of your life, or
to follow the action & see how a top industry leader runs a quality auction.

If you want to buy TODAY from the IRON MOUNTAIN MICHIGAN Site or on THURSDAY from the WHITE PINE MICHIGAN Site,
you have to contact BURDETTE immediately at 314.616.8422

NIAGARA Worldwide LLC can also help you;
Organize, Liquidate, Tranfer Assets inside of your firm, and with a significant number of services NIAGARA Worldwide can support you with:

  • Property Consulting
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Rigging and Set Up

Contact NIAGARA Today For Support

Eric J Spirtas – 314.780.3742 –


Large Press and Machine Shop Liquidation – Creating value from dormant assets! Closing Friday – July 8th

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Niagara Worldwide – Helps Another Client

The Next Ongoing Events


Steel Parts Manufacturing
Tipton, Indiana

Download The Auction Postcard (PDF) View Auction Brochure Flip Book
Download the Steel Parts Lotbook (PDF) Download Rigger List (PDF)

For most small business owners, the thought of liquidation is appalling and grotesque.  The media depicts its general ideas associated with liquidating into your brain:  Front pages of newspapers read bankruptcy, tickers scroll the bottom of your televisions with exponentially increasing debt figures, and small businesses stick up gaudy neon-colored ‘STORE CLOSING SALE’ signs that scream urgency.  With the economy in its current state, it’s not difficult to fall victim of all the hype [and scare].  Yet, the media fails to acknowledge the rest of the liquidation business; the beneficial business strategy of liquidation: converting your obsolete, overstock, salvage, returns, and excess inventory into immediate, upfront, and useable cash.

There are two major forms of liquidation: compulsory and voluntary.  When you hear of liquidation in the media, it is compulsory liquidation, which is when you are forced to liquidate by law.  Compulsory liquidation is the last resort for a business.  It involves selling off every aspect of the business, from their inventory all the way up to their debts.  When a company is compulsory liquidating, they are closing their doors for good.  The latter form, voluntary liquidation, is the unspoken strategy that is used frequently within all Fortune 500 businesses.

Call NIAGARA Worldwide today to see how we can support the re-sale and re-purposing of your industrial assets. 

Eric J. Spirtas – President
NIAGARA Worldwide
715-251-3151 Main Office Telephone

295 Motors SOLD! NIAGARA Worldwide pegs another great sale!

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Written June 24th, 2011 – NIAGARA Wisconsin

From the NIAGARA Development project site in Niagara Wisconsin, Eric J. Spirtas and Burdette Wilber negotiate, prepare and hold another e-auction that has clearly satisfied the seller and the buyers.

The key to designing a successful auction (“Live or On-Line”) requires the knowledge of an experienced auctioneer.  Lot sizes, location, blend of goods, length of sessions…  These decisions are not guesses, but more so proactive strategic determinations that come from years industry exposure.  

A smart customer and a smart liquidator make for a smart auction…  The process is not magic.  There are many ways to fail, but in most cases there are a few ideal paths to success.

A customer must always beware of the (“guarantee”).  There is no such thing, unless the auctioneer is putting up cash to buy the lot at a base number, or truly bonding the results.  Most times the “hustling” liquidator is trying to play on the perceived dollar signs in the eyes of his customer.  

As NIAGARA Worldwide closes another sale, it is important to reflect on the points that aid in running a successful auction.

10 Points on How to Run A Successful Auction!

  1. Because your auction is of a specific nature it is imperative to select an auctioneer that is ideally suited to this type of Auction. For example, a Fine Art Auctioneer is not always the person to select when conducting a charity auction which may include sporting memorabilia and assorted items that have been donated.
    The success of your auction often depends on the ability of the auctioneer and his knowledge of the type of goods being submitted to auction. The hype and spontaneous activity that comes with these types of auctions requires certain qualities such as a quick wit, an ability to “get on with it” and sell for extended periods at a fast pace. Alternatively, more refined auctions such as Fine Art calls for an auctioneer that displays a good level of patience and decorum. Selection of the most suitable auctioneer is sometimes understated and many auctions fail to reach the desired results and standards because of poor selection.
  2. Much credence should be given to the selection of the Auction venue when organising your auction. The venue should reflect the quality and type of auction being held in order to achieve your maximum result. When conducting an auction it is often difficult to judge the projected size of the crowd and therefore the crowd catering in relation to seating and general hospitality is dependant on these factors. It is very important that potential purchasers have the necessary access to auction items in order to ascertain their value and suitability to their needs. Special emphasis should be placed on the venue because too much room or too little room at the wrong venue will be counterproductive to the success of the auction.
  3. Sufficient advertising and promotion of your auction is absolutely critical to it’s success. Select the best possible advertising mediums to expose your specific auction and attempt to reach the target market by way of these mediums. Very careful consideration needs to be given to the target market when deciding on the most suitable advertising campaign. Depending on the type of auction, the time and value of the campaign can vary quite substantially but it is important not to under expose the auction if you wish to maximise the financial result. Having a strong, qualified crowd of buyers goes a long way towards success.
  4. Ensuring that sufficient, trained staff are engaged to assist in all facets of the auction process is very important. The presence of relevant staff members in areas of registration, presentation of items, acceptance and delivery of auction items etc is a critical component of a successful auction.
  5. When conducting an auction of any type it is imperative that the auction items are presented to the public in the best possible condition. In an ever-increasing competitive world, pristine presentation will strongly enhance a seller’s chances of achieving a good price for their auction items. Attention to detail in presentation is sure to be rewarding.
  6. An important part of the auction process is to provide a number of payment options to satisfy the needs of the buying public. These days acceptable methods of payment at the most auctions are cash, personal cheque, bank cheque and various forms of credit card options. Auction items will normally remain on site until full payment is received unless alternative arrangements are made prior to auction. It is important for the auctioneer to make everyone aware of auction payment conditions prior to commencement of the auction.
  7. To continue the smooth operation of the auction process it is important that buyers are able to take delivery of their auction purchases with a minimum of fuss. Trained staff will assist with efficient delivery of items once payment has been made. Safe delivery is an important part of the process.
  8. Re-enforce the absolute necessity to receive full payment for auction items prior to collection by buyers. Failure to enforce the payment policy can be a financial disaster. History tells us that a soft approach in this area of the auction process often leads to moral and financial disappointment.
  9. When formalizing an agreement with an auctioneer it is important to discuss the financial settlement arrangements once the auction is completed. Once again, depending on the type of auction being conducted, the auctioneer (or his agency) will collect the auction proceeds and, in turn, disperse the proceeds to the relevant recipients. Normal deductions prior to release of funds to the seller will include Agents Commission and Advertising.
  10. The information obtained from Buyer Registration forms will provide invaluable contact details for future auctions. The growing of your database of potential purchasers can lead to the ongoing support and success of your auctions for many years to come.

    (“10 Points on how to run a successful auction are a reprinted from find an”)

Call today if you are looking for guidance and support at your facility.  Let us earn you a maximum payout!

Eric J. Spirtas – 314.780.3742 –

General Electric Steam Turbine 9375KW Generator with Condenser

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Former Niagara “NewPage” Mill – Equipment Sales
Contact:  Eric J. Spirtas TODAY – 314.780.3742



Specific Name – General Electric Steam Turbine Generator with Condenser


Turbine No. 164030

Generator No. 8328468
– 9375KW –  2 Poles
3600rpm –  60 Cycles
–  14 Stage –  Air Cooled
–  450 PSIG –  4160 V
–  Temp. 675 F –  KVA:  12500
–  Exhaust Pressure 2.0 in HG ABS –  Stator Amperes:  1735
  –  Field Amperes:  158


–  Throttle:                      Mt = 135kpph
–  Extraction:                  Mext = 77kpph
–  Absolute pressure:    (Barometric pressure) – (Turbine vacuum)
–  Throttle:                      Header pressure = 427
–  Extraction:                  53.6 psi
–  Absolute pressure:    PO = 29.96-27.6 = 2.36Hg absolute
–  Throttle:                      Header temperature = 670 degrees F.
–  Extraction:                  347 degrees F.
–  Power output :           8756KW   78% efficiency


–  Design Data
–  Performance Curves
–  Steam Path Drawing
–  Mechanical Drawing


The CUT SHEET above as well as the attached PDF prints and diagrams are for a specific system or piece of equipment.

Please note that we have a massive amount of OTHER EQUIPMENT for your review and pricing (a sample of items are listed below).

Also available for sale are the complete STORES, WAREHOUSE, TOOLS, BEARINGS MACHINE SHOP and  CARPENTRY SHOP.

In addition, ROLLING STOCK and LICENSED VEHICLES will be offered.

We are handling sales on an INTERNATIONAL basis, by direct negotiation.  Offers are being received regularly and equipment is being sold.

Site visits, Rigging, Hauling, Payment Terms and other details can be discussed directly with Eric J. Spirtas – 314.780.3742

1 DEBARKER Nicolson A5A  22″ 1
2 DEBARKER Manitowoc 1
3 GRINDERS Tampella T1812 4
4 GRINDER MOTORS EM 7000HP AC 327rpm 5
6 STOCK CONTROL SYSTEM Bailey Infi 90 20
7 PRIMARY COURSE SCREEN Bird 400  0.032″ slots 2
  PRESSURE SCREEN In PGW (North East Bay) 1
  PRESSURE SCREEN Basket In PGW (North East Bay) 1
8 SECONDARY SCREEN Ahlstrom F2   0.032″ slots 1
9 AIR COMPRESSOR Gardner Denver ElectraSaver 1
10 PORTABLE CRANE 4000lb. Owantona Tool Co. 1
11 SELF PRIMING PUMP Gorman T-Series centrifugal 1
12 CITY WATER PUMP Syncoflo 2
13 WELDER Lincoln Arc 1
14 OILING SYSTEM Vickers Lube DoubleA Hydpum 1
15 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Atlas Cepco/Sperry Vickers 1

1 #43 HEADBOX Voith W-7500 max12400gpm 1
2 #43 COUCH VACUUM                                                   (2)Siemens2BE3,Nash L-10 3
3 #43 SUCTION PICK UP VACUUM SOURCE Siemens 2BE3,Liquid Ring 2
4 #43FIRST PRESS VACUUM Nash CL-9002,(2) Siemens 3
5 #43 SUCTION FELT VACUUM Nash 904-S1 2
6 #43UHLE BOXES Vacuum Siemens,Nash CI_9002 2
7 #43 COATED DRYING Solaronics gas fired 5 rows 5
8 #43 FAN PUMP Goulds 3420 low-pulse 1
9 #43 FAN PUMP MOTOR ABB   945hp/875rpm 1
10 #43 PRESSURE SCREEN Bird 50 .047″Alstrom basket 1
11 #43TAILINGS SCREEN Jonsson vibrating 39.5×55″ 2
12 #43COATING SUPPLY FILTERS Ronningen-Petter 5
13 #44HEADBOX Voith W-8500 1
14 #44COUCH VACUUM Siemens 2BE3,Liquid Ring 1
15 #441ST PRESS VACUUM Siemens 2BE 1605 1
16 #442ND PRESS VACUUM Siemens 2BE 1606 1
17 #44 COATING SUPPLY FILTERS Ronningen-Petter DCF-2000 4
18 #44THICKSTOCKSCREENING Black Clawson .008″ 3 stage 1
19 #44BLEND CHEST PUMP Goulds #3175 15″dia. Impeller 1
20 #44MACHINECHEST PUMP Goulds #3175 17.75dia. Imp. 1
21 #44FAN PUMP Goulds#3420 split low pulse 1
22 #44TAILING SCREENS Jonsson vibrating 39.5×55″ 2
23 #44 PRESSURE SCREEN Voith 31 .047″rotor3rows 9van 1

1 REFINER Beloit 42″ DD4000 1
  MOTOR Louis Allis 1500 horse AC 1
2 REFINER Sprout Waldron   42″ 1
  MOTOR   1
  MOTOR In North Mill 2
3 REFINER Sprout Bauer 34″ R-34TF III 1
  MOTOR   1
4 REFINER                                                     Beloit 20″ (Rebuilt by J&L) 2
5 WET LAP Andritz Hymac 100″ twin wire press 1
6 SCREW PRESS Thune SP45L      134″ 1
7 TWIN WIRE PRESS Andritz 2.6 Meter  (145tpd) 300t twp 2
8 DRUM WASHER Impco / 4 shower heads per drum 2
9 REPULPER Voith Sulzer   344tpd 1
10 BROKEPULPER Voith Sulzer  with Guillotine 1

1 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Allen Bradley Centerline 32
3 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Cutler Hammer Freedom 6
4 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Cutler Hammer Unitrol 15
5 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Furnas System 89 3
6 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Furnas System 89 1
9 480 VOLT AC MOTORS 10-2100 HP 941
10 460VOLT AC MOTORS  10-200HP 72
11 125 VOLT AC MOTOR 2500HP 1
13 4160 VOLT AC MOTORS 200-1300 HP 45
14 575 VOLT AC MOTOR 945 HP 1
15 500 VOLT DC MOTORS 10-800HP 76
16 600 VOLT DC MOTOR 1000 HP 1

1 DEWIRE/DESTACK Advanced Dynamics 1
2 ROLL GRINDER Cincinnati   50×338″ 1
3 LATHE LeBlond  19″swingx144″ 1
4 LATHE LeBlond  1
5 JAGENBERG VARI-ROLL WINDER Unwind 110″dia. 6200fpm 1
7 SLUDGE PRESS Andritz  30dtpd 2
8 PULVERIZER CE-Raymond  372 2
9 PULVERIZER CE-Raymond 453 1
10 CHEMICAL MIXER Andritz HCM3HH 300hp motor 1
11 MOTOR for Andritz Unit 300hp 1
12 AUGER for Andritz Unit   1


Eric J. Spirtas
NIAGARA Development, LLC

Site Address:
1101 Mill Street
Niagara Wisconsin, 54151

11469 Olive Blvd – Suite #124
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
314.780.3742 Direct
314.432.2429 Fax

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When your job is to count the trucks… Don’t fix the engine! – [Told by Eric J. Spirtas]

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Truck Global Contractor Blog

I was driving with my dad, looking at a job, viewing some workers and dad told me a story:

“You know,” he said “I cannot stand when people don’t stick to what they are are suppose to do.  Don’t over think the job.  Just do what I ask, nothing more.”  He continued, “In the day we had a manager ‘Les Beaty’ and he was given one task on a big job, just count the trucks.”  Sure there was plently of other stuff going on, but that was his job!

He reminds me that he made it clear, “We are paid by the truck, nothing else you do can help us.  Stay focused, document the action, when you get the tickets, I will send the bill, we will all do well.”  He exclaimed.

Well one of the trucks broke down.  The manager was beckoned (he was a good mechanic) and he just had to see if he could help.  “It will only take a couple of minutes,” thought old Les. 

15 minutes later as the manager climbs out from under the truck, he exclaims confidently “I fixed it!”  The truck driver thanks the demolition manager and off he drives.

While “Old” Les was under the truck, do you know how many trucks drove by?  Of course you don’t, but neither does Les

Stepping over a dollar to pick up at a dime.

Consulting is powerful, focus is imparative.  I can help you Focus!  If you have a project or service or need some help guiding your forces, let’s design a program to assist them today.


Let me know if you have a former industrial plant, resulting property and even environmental conditions that trouble you.  We will buy your problem from you.

Contact: EJ Spirtas Group, LLC and more specifically the specialty branch AMAX to tend to your property & asset troubles! 

Eric J. Spirtas
EJ Spirtas Group, LLC
Demolition Expert
Author of “Don’t Wreck the Empire”

Stay tuned… I am writing my book and it is stuffed with these business tips
“Don’t Wreck the Empire” a family business memior – The Prince Views the Kingdom!

When its too good to be true, It ain’t True! Eric J. Spirtas

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As I entered the enormous industrial facility site, I knew that the prospect of a good deal was slim to none.  The plant was hidden, the buildings looked skinny and the ground at the base of the structures seamed cluttered with apparent environmental impediments to easy, efficient demolition money making demolition.

What to do… even if there is a prospect of a deal, I know the owner is going to be hard pressed to “give away” the dollars that we see as necessary to do the job. 

“What?  You want to pay me how much and you also want me to do the environmental,”
I imagine
the owner will say?!?!?

I had to have the courage to walk on the site, walk through the buildings and make an estimate.  I had to have the confidence to share what I really find!

It didn’t take long to assess the facts:

  1. There are some significant environmental factors and I will not accept anything but full and proper handling of those conditions.
  2. There is not as much steel as expected.
  3. The buildings are not as large as was explained.
  4. There is quite a bit of trash and debris that will cost someone, something to deal with.
  5. This is a LOUSY neighborhood… Did I say Lousy?… I mean Lousy!
  6. Once I figured out; the size, ton-age, hindrance from environmental, and ultimate dollars

It was easy to see that this is a “Walk Away”!

There is so much opportunity, variable projects, abundance of property / asset for sale and the need for expert buyers, consulting, scrap sales, property brokers.  That is what we do!

Let me know if you have a former industrial plant, resulting property and even environmental conditions that trouble you.  We will buy your problem from you.

Contact: EJ Spirtas Group, LLC and more specifically the specialty branch AMAX to tend to your property & asset troubles! 

Eric J. Spirtas
EJ Spirtas Group, LLC
Demolition Expert
Author of “Don’t Wreck the Empire”

Contact EJ Spirtas today to price your demolition, scrap your steel, sell your non-ferrous, assist you with dormant or excess equipment, we will even buy your dormant land.
We simply raise the bar and raise your revenue!
EJ Spirtas Group… Your Global Answer!

Ready to buy a plant – 12,000 Tons of Steel – Eric J. Spirtas – EJ Spirtas Group

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Another day, another 12,000 Tons!

It looks like I will have the opportunity to acquire another former industrial manufacturing plant tomorrow and that means a lucky demolition contractor will get the opportunity to demolish the buildings and prepare the scrap for me and my partners.

I have been successfully selling scrap to for the last two decades and now with a few NEW relationships the sales have become (“Global”)!

This is great for the smaller contractor that has often been stuck with minimal pricing offered by the tiny scrap dealers in “Small Town USA”.  We “EJ Spirtas Commodities, LLC” offers a price that, up to now, only the largest demolition contractor has had access to.

We can ship materials by the container, so long as the materials are prepared to a 5 foot by 2 foot (by 2 foot) size.  If you can load a container, we can deliver a container right to your site and you will reap the  reward of the top salvage dollars.

This goes for STEEL or NON – FERROUS.

Eric J. Spirtas
EJ Spirtas Group, LLC
Demolition Expert
Author of “Don’t Wreck the Empire”

Contact EJ Spirtas today to price your demolition, scrap your steel, sell your non-ferrous
We simply raise the bar and raise your revenue!
EJ Spirtas Group… Your Global Answer!