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“Open House” at Former NewPage Plant (Nov 15th, 16th & 17th) Niagara Wisconsin – Get out of your office and see our Complete Warehouse of Industrial Equipment.

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After months of organizing and preparation, NIAGARA Development LLC (Former NewPage Paper Mill in Niagara Wisconsin) is opening its doors for a complete facility Open House. 

National and International Paper Makers as well as Worldwide Brokers and Equipment Suppliers are registering to visit the site.  It is our intention to clear out all current equipment, spares and stores in order to enable follow on development soon after.

Dismantling and Rigging is available or qualified removal contractors are welcome to partake in the removal of purchased equipment.

By contacting us today, you can set up your private visit and receive additional information.

Voith, Nicholson, Manitowoc, Comact, Kone, Tampella, Electric Machinery, Gardner Denver, Advanced Dynamic, Yale, Dorr Oliver, Andritz, Jagenberg, Sprout-Walron, Beloit, Beloit Jones, Spencer, Goulds, Thune, Impco, Siemans, Nash, Solaronics, Jonsson, Bird, Hooper, Ahlstrom, Valmet, Noss, Celleco, Waukesha, Wauk / Lobeflo, Ronnigan Peters, Leblond, Cencennati, CE, GE, Clarge, Gunlach, Volvo, Hough, Baldor, Boston, Brook Hansen, Kolbe, Leeson, Leroy Somer, Lincoln, Louis Allis, Marathon, Morse, Reliance, Reuland, Rockwell Automation, Sew Eurodrive, Sterling, Sumitomo, Toshiba, US Electric, Westinghouse and others.

Paper Machines, Pulp Grinders, Wet Lap Machine, Pulpers, Reel Systems, Kone Deck Feeder System, Press Systems, Mixers, Refiners, Air Compressors, Loaders, Cleaners, Pumps, Burners, Dewire/Destacker, Crushers, Fans, Screens, Filters, Turbines, Guillotine, Conveyors, Attenuator, Bag House, Precipitator, Pump, Bale System, Headbox, Fordinear, Drivers and Controls, MCC’s, Transformers, AC Units, PLC’s, Magnets, Scales  and Much More!

Down load our newest FLYER today:

Contact us today to set up a visit:

Eric J. Spirtas
Niagara Worldwide LLC
1101 Mill Street, Niagara Wisconsin 54151
314.780.3742 Direct – 866.735.9925 Fax


Niagara mill purchased, now what? Aaron Martin of TV6 Explores

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Great article with a wide spectrum of information.

The Niagara Paper Mill was purchased by Niagara Development LLC, who plans to use the mill to attract national business to the area

VIA Niagara mill purchased, now what? THIS LINK TAKES YOU TO VIDEO

The former Niagara Paper Mill is under new ownership and looking to bring in business Read more: Local, Economy, Business, Niagara Paper Mill, Niagara Mill Sold, Niagara Development LLC, Niagara, Paper Mill Sold, Paper Mill Purchase


NIAGARA, WI — UPDATE 5:45 p.m.

We know one thing for sure about the former Niagara Paper Mill…it won’t be a paper mill anymore.

The newly formed Niagara Development LLC officially bought the mill from NewPage last week and is planning on using the property and its assets to attract national companies.

“I’m contacted everyday by a new venture or a representative of ventures that are interested in talking,” said Niagara Development President Eric Spirtas.

Spirtas said power and green energy companies are being targeted, given the equipment and assets available on site.

For Niagara Mayor George Bousley, this is a step in the right direction for the area.

“We’re a community of many small communities, so I guess the thing is I’ve watched this economy grow locally,” said Mayor Bousley.  “Now if we can bring this part back to the local economy, it means that it’s something you can pass onto the next generation.”

While Niagara is still feeling the effects of the mill closing back in 2008, the town’s resilient attitude has Spirtas confident about the future.

“They have the heart and desire to rebuild,” he said.  “Not every town has that, but Niagara does have that.  So we look at it as a great hotbed of development.”

Niagara Development is a private company started by Spirtas and another partner for the purpose of developing the site and bringing businesses to the area.  The company’s headquarters will be in Niagara, however, the partners have no ties to the area.

Also, no information is being released about the finances of the deal between Niagara Development and NewPage.


An official announcement was made on Tuesday about the Niagara Paper Mill being purchased by Niagara Development LLC.  What happens now that the mill has been purchased?

Eric Spirtas, Niagara Development’s president, said that the mill will be used to attract national businesses.  The paper mill and land will be sold, in portions, to different companies.

Niagara City Mayor George Bousley said that it will take three to five years for the full impact of the Niagara mill purchase to be felt by the community.

NewPage finalizes sale in Niagara – Gannett Wisconsin Media

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Closed paper mill, assets purchased

By Nathan Phelps • Gannett Wisconsin Media • February 15, 2011

The property and assets of the former NewPage paper mill in Niagara have been sold to Niagara Development LLC.

Niagara Development plans to market the property to industrial users that can take advantage of the building and the timber shed, according to New North, an 18-county regional economic development organization based in De Pere.

Market development for the site has been focused toward alternative energy, namely those based on woody biomass, according to the release.

“We’re communicating with many and inviting all,” Eric J. Spirtas, president of Niagara Development, said Monday. “A lot of times when people see a plant sitting idle, they think it’s only going to do what it did. … We’re going to be available to any and all.”

New North and the Marinette County Association for Business and Industry have conducted a feasibility study on biofuel production at the site — including cellulosic ethanol production.

“The Niagara, Wis., site has all the components for a state-of-the-art advanced biofuels facility,” Jan Hacker, who conducted the study, said in a press release. “The site has access to significant supplies of raw material, a supplier network already in place, physical infrastructure in the form of large buildings, log yards, air and water treatment systems and both road and rail access.”

Niagara Development purchased 1,500 acres in the deal that closed Friday.

“This isn’t a last-minute purchase … this has been months of analysis and transitional planning,” Spirtas said.

The NewPage Niagara facility permanently closed in July 2008 due to “a significant decrease in demand for coated paper,” according to NewPage, which also closed a mill in Kimberly.

The mill produced about 250,000 tons of lightweight-coated groundwood papers used in magazines and catalogs.

Nathan Phelps writes for the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Read more:

Thune Press Dewatering Screw Press SP 45L

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Former Niagara “NewPage” Mill – Equipment Sales
Contact:  Eric J. Spirtas TODAY – 314.780.3742 /


Thune Press 

Specific Name                               
Thune dewatering screw press SP 45L

“L” model,  long unit with pre-drainer section

4.16 meters overall

Installed in 1980, well maintained

Material Type
Stainless steel

Capacity Data on Site 

Mechanical Drawing
Proof of Make and Model

 Thune Front Side View


Thune Back Side View


Thune Name Plate

The CUT SHEET above as well as the attached PDF prints and diagrams are for a specific system or piece of equipment.

Please note that we have a massive amount of OTHER EQUIPMENT for your review and pricing (a sample of items are listed below).

Also available for sale are the complete STORES, WAREHOUSE, TOOLS, BEARINGS MACHINE SHOP and  CARPENTRY SHOP.

In addition, ROLLING STOCK and LICENSED VEHICLES will be offered.

We are handling sales on an INTERNATIONAL basis, by direct negotiation.  Offers are being received regularly and equipment is being sold.

Site visits, Rigging, Hauling, Payment Terms and other details can be discussed directly with Eric J. Spirtas – 314.780.3742.

1 DEBARKER Nicolson A5A  22″ 1
2 DEBARKER Manitowoc 1
3 GRINDERS Tampella T1812 4
4 GRINDER MOTORS EM 7000HP AC 327rpm 5
6 STOCK CONTROL SYSTEM Bailey Infi 90 20
7 PRIMARY COURSE SCREEN Bird 400  0.032″ slots 2
  UNKNOWN PRESSURE SCREEN Basket In PGW (North East Bay) 1
8 SECONDARY SCREEN Ahlstrom F2   0.032″ slots 1
9 AIR COMPRESSOR Gardner Denver ElectraSaver 1
10 PORTABLE CRANE 4000lb. Owantona Tool Co. 1
11 SELF PRIMING PUMP Gorman T-Series centrifugal 1
12 CITY WATER PUMP Syncoflo 2
13 WELDER Lincoln Arc 1
14 OILING SYSTEM Vickers Lube DoubleA Hydpum 1
15 HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Atlas Cepco/Sperry Vickers 1

1 #43 HEADBOX Voith W-7500 max12400gpm 1
2 #43 COUCH VACUUM                                                   (2)Siemens2BE3,Nash L-10 3
3 #43 SUCTION PICK UP VACUUM SOURCE Siemens 2BE3,Liquid Ring 2
4 #43FIRST PRESS VACUUM Nash CL-9002,(2) Siemens 3
5 #43 SUCTION FELT VACUUM Nash 904-S1 2
6 #43UHLE BOXES Vacuum Siemens,Nash CI_9002 2
7 #43 COATED DRYING Solaronics gas fired 5 rows 5
8 #43 FAN PUMP Goulds 3420 low-pulse 1
9 #43 FAN PUMP MOTOR ABB   945hp/875rpm 1
10 #43 PRESSURE SCREEN Bird 50 .047″Alstrom basket 1
11 #43TAILINGS SCREEN Jonsson vibrating 39.5×55″ 2
12 #43COATING SUPPLY FILTERS Ronningen-Petter 5
13 #44HEADBOX Voith W-8500 1
14 #44COUCH VACUUM Siemens 2BE3,Liquid Ring 1
15 #441ST PRESS VACUUM Siemens 2BE 1605 1
16 #442ND PRESS VACUUM Siemens 2BE 1606 1
17 #44 COATING SUPPLY FILTERS Ronningen-Petter DCF-2000 4
18 #44THICKSTOCKSCREENING Black Clawson .008″ 3 stage 1
19 #44BLEND CHEST PUMP Goulds #3175 15″dia. Impeller 1
20 #44MACHINECHEST PUMP Goulds #3175 17.75dia. Imp. 1
21 #44FAN PUMP Goulds#3420 split low pulse 1
22 #44TAILING SCREENS Jonsson vibrating 39.5×55″ 2
23 #44 PRESSURE SCREEN Voith 31 .047″rotor3rows 9van 1

1 REFINER Beloit 42″ DD4000 1
  MOTOR Louis Allis 1500 horse AC 1
2 REFINER Sprout Waldron   42″ 1
  MOTOR   1
  MOTOR In North Mill 2
3 REFINER Sprout Bauer 34″ R-34TF III 1
  MOTOR   1
4 REFINER                                                     Beloit 20″ (Rebuilt by J&L) 2
5 WET LAP Andritz Hymac 100″ twin wire press 1
6 SCREW PRESS Thune SP45L      134″ 1
7 TWIN WIRE PRESS Andritz 2.6 Meter  (145tpd) 300t twp 2
8 DRUM WASHER Impco / 4 shower heads per drum 2
9 REPULPER Voith Sulzer   344tpd 1
10 BROKEPULPER Voith Sulzer  with Guillotine 1

1 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Allen Bradley Centerline 32
3 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Cutler Hammer Freedom 6
4 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Cutler Hammer Unitrol 15
5 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Furnas System 89 3
6 MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS Furnas System 89 1
9 480 VOLT AC MOTORS 10-2100 HP 941
10 460VOLT AC MOTORS  10-200HP 72
11 125 VOLT AC MOTOR 2500HP 1
13 4160 VOLT AC MOTORS 200-1300 HP 45
14 575 VOLT AC MOTOR 945 HP 1
15 500 VOLT DC MOTORS 10-800HP 76
16 600 VOLT DC MOTOR 1000 HP 1

1 DEWIRE/DESTACK Advanced Dynamics 1
2 ROLL GRINDER Cincinnati   50×338″ 1
3 LATHE LeBlond  19″swingx144″ 1
4 LATHE LeBlond  1
5 JAGENBERG VARI-ROLL WINDER Unwind 110″dia. 6200fpm 1
7 SLUDGE PRESS Andritz  30dtpd 2
8 PULVERIZER CE-Raymond  372 2
9 PULVERIZER CE-Raymond 453 1
10 CHEMICAL MIXER Andritz HCM3HH 300hp motor 1
11 MOTOR for Andritz Unit 300hp 1
12 AUGER for Andritz Unit   1


Eric J. Spirtas
NIAGARA Development, LLC

Site Address:
1101 Mill Street
Niagara Wisconsin, 54151

11469 Olive Blvd – Suite #124
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
314.780.3742 Direct – 314.432.2429 Fax

Manitowoc DEBARKER FOR Sale – 22 Inch Unit

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22” Manitowoc Ring Debarker
Like New

This unit has been maintained and repaired routinely

Contact us today to discuss the purchase


Eric J. Spirtas

NIAGARA Development, LLC

Site Address:

  1101 Mill Street

  Niagara Wisconsin, 54151


  11469 Olive Blvd – Suite #124

  Creve Coeur, MO 63141

314.780.3742 Direct – 314.432.2429 Fax

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August 7, 2010 at 8:02 pm

PGW Pressurized Ground Wood System

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The recent purchase of a complete WOOD ROOM and PGW “Pressurized Ground Wood” System has presented an abundance of available equipment.

System Picture

PGW Fiber Department

Pressurized groundwood (PGW) fiber is the primary source of fiber used for producing coated groundwood paper.

Woodyard and Woodroom

Woodroom Equipment

Wood Room Equipment

Local aspen wood was formerly delivered by truck to an on-site 7 area Woodyard that has the capacity to hold 20,000 cords of wood.  The wood was then processed in the Woodroom (building 113) where it was debarked and cut into 4 foot lengths at a rate of 19 cords per hour.  A delivery system processed and fed the resulting bark and wood waste to the boilerhouse where it was burned as fuel.

PGW Pulpmill

The shortened and debarked lengths of aspen from the Woodroom were conveyed to the pulpmill 100 cord capacity storage bin for storage (building 101).  The wood was then fed to the main Pulmill’s (building 100) four 7000 hp pressurized grinders where it’s ground to pulp at a rate of 280 tons per day (70 tpd per grinder).  Next, the pulp was thickened and pumped to the screening and bleaching area located near the paper machines

PGW Screenroom and Bleach Plant

Final PGW fiber processing was accomplished in the Screenroom (building 95) and Bleach Plant (building 15), both were located in the main mill area near the paper machines.  Here the pulp was screened through numerous very fine slotted screens where only the proper size fibers were accepted for making paper.  The rejected fibers were thickened and refined down to a more acceptable size before being screened again.  The final low brightness screened pulp was then pumped to the bleach plant where it was bleached using a two stage alkaline peroxide bleaching process that both brightened and improved the pulps’ strength properties.

PGW Fiber Department process details


●    Constructed in 1998

●    Encompassed 7 acres

●    Capacity to store up to 20,000 cords of logs

●    Wood was harvested primarily within a 150 mile radius of the mill

●    Approximately 125,000 cords of aspen are received each year

●    The yard is open Monday through Friday

●    Almost all wood is received by truck

●    Wood inventory is managed on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) system

●    Older wood is retrieved from one lot, while fresh wood is decked in the other

●    One operator on shift Monday through Friday


●    The log debarking and cutting system was installed in 1998 with start-up on December 20, 1998

●    The process was supplied by Andritz Kone wood

●    The woodroom is rated at 19 cords per hour

●    Pulp is supplied to the pressurized Groundwood plant

●    Two operators per shift

Log Loading Deck – capacity 15 cords

Deicing Chamber – capacity 7.5 cords

Compact Wave Feeder – new in 2006

Two Debarkers

– one on-line and one off-line

– rated at 20 logs per minute

Nicholson A5A - Manitowoc DeBarker

Slasher Deck – logs cut to 50″ lengths

Slasher Deck on Woodroom Log Cutter


●    The pressurized groundwood pulpmill started up on February 15, 1990

●    Pulp is produced on four Tampella 7000 hp pressurized grinders

●    Each grinder is rated at 70 tons per day or 280 tons per day total

●    The log delivery system is supplied by Kone wood

 ●   Three operators per shift


●    100 cord peeled log storage bin of aspen

●    Kone wood log conveying and feed system

●    Four Tampella grinders, Model T1812, each driven by a 7000 hp motor and rated at 70 ton per day

–   35 psi grinder pressure

–   196 degrees F shower water temperature

–   230 degrees F discharge stock temperature

●    Pressurized disc thickener supplied by Hedemora

●    12 ton stock chest

●    Grinder stones supplied by Norton

      -Bolt through design is used

      -Stone life of approximately three years

●    Roberts stone grinding systems – pattern is 6 x 28 at a depth of 0.030

●    Specific energy Consumption (SEC) is controlled at 65  resulting in a unscreened pulp at:

      -180 Canadian Std. Freeness

      -59 to 60 brightness

      -3.17% pulmac shive count which includes refiner rejects

●    Tamsec distributed control system controls the Kone log feed system and the grinders

●    Bailey Infi 90 distributed control system is used to control the stock system

Pressurized Groundwood Screening


●    Six ton screen supply chest

●    Two primary course screens, P1, Bird 400 with 0.032 profile screen baskets

●    Four primary screens, P2, Hooper PSV 400 with 0.005 low profile wedge wire baskets

●    One secondary screen (S1) processing the rejects from the P1’s – Ahlstrom F2 with a 0.032”             profile screen, accepts are fed forward to the P2’s

●    One secondary screen (S2) processing the rejects from the P2’s

      -Tap 200 with a 0.004” slotted screen

      -Accepts are fed forward to the decker

●    Cleaners


      -First stage             64-5” celleco 350

      -Second stage        40-5” celleco 350

      -Third stage             16-5” celleco 350

      -Fourth stage          6-5” celleco 350

      -Fifth stage             1-5” celleco 300


      -First stage             22-celleco 270

      -Second stage        6-celleco 270

      -Third stage             2-celleco 270

●    Thickener

      -One Hedemora and one Dorr Oliver disc filter, feed consistency 0.5 to 0.8% discharge consistency

       Approximately 8%

      -5 ton storage chest

●    Screened reject system

      -DSM Screen for thickening

      -2 SL4S Thune screw presses

      -2 reject refiners, one on stand-by 20 HPDT

      -Screened reject rate approximately 40%

●    Screened unbleached pulp storage

      -100 ton stock storage chest

      – 60 ton stock storage chest

      -5 ton stock storage chest

      -12 ton bleach supply chest

●    Screen unbleached pulp properties

      -120-135 Canadian standard freeness

      -62 brightness

      -98.3 opacity

      -6.85 tensile

      -21.54 burst

      -0.57 pulmac

●    Post refining

      -Two 42” sprout twin flow refiners, 1000 HP and 1500 HP

      -Approximately 0.9 – 1.2 HPDT

●    One operator per shift

Groundwood Bleaching

●    The mill uses a two stage alkaline peroxide bleachery to brighten the groundwood pulp as well as develop pulp strength properties

●    Brightness target out of the 1st stage is 68 and 2nd stage is 83-84

●    Current bleaching and delivery systems provide two different brightness mechanical pulps for the paper machines

High Brightness System

Presses for bleach feed

●    One 2.6 meter Andritz twin wire press, 25% discharge consistency with 145 TPD

●    One 2.6 meter Andritz twin wire press, 32% discharge consistency with 135 TPD

Chemical addition system

●    There are two chemical feed systems

●    No. 1 chemical system for #3 press

●    No. 2 chemical system for #4 press

●    Peroxide, caustic and sodium silicate are injected into static mixers for each feed system along with chemical carrier water from the washer seal box

●    No. 1 and No. 2 chemical system adds the bleach liquor to the pulp at a double shafted pin mixer for each press

●    The chemical feed rate

      -Peroxide = 66 lbs./ton

      -Caustic = 65 lbs./ton

      -Silicate = 15 lbs./ton

●    Bleaching takes place in the bleach tower at 15 to 22% consistency

●    The temperature in the bleach tower ranges from 120 to 150 degrees F

●    The pH feeding the presses is 5.6 and in the tower during bleaching it is 9.5

●    Bleach tower

      -40 ton capacity

      -Retention time of 2-4 hours

●    The system has two Impco drum washers, each with four shower headers

●    The filtrate is used for tower dilution, washer feed dilution, chemical carrier water and wasting to the anaerobic treatment plant

●    The consisgtency feeding the washers is approximately 2.0% and the discharge is at 4.5%

Medium Brightness System

●    1st stage Alkaline peroxide bleaching takes place in the standpipe to the medium brightness high density tank

●    The chemical feed rate is:

      -Chelant      3 lbs./ton

      -Caustic      20 lbs./ton

      -Peroxide    12 lbs./ton

      The pulp consistency at the point of addition is 5.5%

●    The pH is 5.6 and the stock temperature at this point in the process varies from 135 to 150 degrees F

Bleached Pulp Storage

●    Total bleaching capacity

      -Medium bright system:       150 TPD

      -High bright system:                222 TPD

●    Storage

      -Medium bright system:       80 Tons

      -High bright system:               20 Tons

Bleached Pulp Properties

●    High Bright

      -CSF           78

      -Brightness 82-84

      -Opacity      94

      -Pulmac      0.13

      -Porosity     71.9

      -Bulk           2.5

      -tTensle       8.8

      -Scott bond            100

      -Burst         28.8

      -Tear           0.42

●    Medium bright

      -CSF           92

      -Brightness 68

      -Opacity      96

      -Pulmac      0.17

      -Porosity     99

      -Bulk           2.8

      -Tensle        8.0

      -Scott bond            77

      -Burst         25.3

      -Tear           0.39

Filters, Pumps, Vacuums and Motors