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Eric J. Spirtas is confident that he can bring the specialty contracting market into focus!
Find the Nations #1 Specialty Consultant

EJ Spirtas Group, LLC
314.780.3742 Direct

314.432.2429 Fax

Demolition, Environmental Remediation, New Construction and Development.

With over 20 years of construction experience in the Demolition and Environmental Industry, Eric J. Spirtas has worked on and performed millions of dollars of construction around the country.


  • Bid Walk and Pricing
  • Asset, Scrap, Equipment Pricing and Sales
  • Proposal Preparation along with Project Presentation
  • Power Point Specialist
  • Demolition, Environmental, Hazardous, New Construction
  • Site Finish Pricing Capability


  • Resource, Scheduling, Permitting and Licensing Preparation
  • Project Set Up
  • Pre-Job Analysis and Documentation (Video / Picture / Summary)
  • Demolition Planning and As-Built Distribution
  • Equipment Selection, Process Planning and Contingency Programming


  • Environmental Health & Safety Plan Preparation (“EHS”)
  • Quality Analysis Quality Control Planning (“QAQC”)
  • Job Site Safety Meeting Program Set Up (“JSA”)
  • Safety Training, Education and Inspection
  • OSHA Awareness Training and Inspection
  • Permitting and Demolition Plans
  • Safety Incentive Coordination


  • Coordination of Emergency Response Toolbox
  • Selection of Contractors and Support Services
  • Creating Advertisement and Engaging Insurance Groups / Private Clients
  • Establishing Action Plans and Paper Work for Emergencies Services


  • Arrangement of Engineering and Architecture Services
  • Coordination of Brownfield and Tax Credit Services
  • Claims Management and Legal Facilitation of Project Demand
  • Expert Testimony

Consulting – Project Management – Development

Help is HERE!

Whether your firm is:

  • Growing and Adjusting,
  • Re-positioning your services,
  • Just getting into the demolition and remediation industry
  • Considering Emergency Response Efforts (“or simply”)
  • Setting up a job and need some executive / management support

The services of EJ Spirtas Group are available today.

High Profile projects that Eric (“EJ”) personally won and decommissioned through competitive bid and negotiation included the complete demolition and remediation of ‘Green Bay’s Wisconsin’ Lambeau Field, ‘Denver, Colorado’ McNicoles Arena & Mile High Stadium as well as the ‘St. Louis, Missouri’ Checker Dome.

Serving as a zone of tragedy and untried process for Americans.  Eric J. Spirtas was called to support efforts with first responders at the heart of impact (World Trade Center Buildings) NY City, offering consultation, and estimating of demolition services.

Commercial and Industrial work over the years that EJ has managed has included millions of square feet of manufacturing facilities and commercial structures decommissioned across the country:
Clients Include: Anheuser Busch, American Brake, Allis-Chalmers, American Can, ADM “Archer Daniels Midland”, Allstate, Alcoa, Ashland, AG Edwards, AIG, Arch Coal, AMC Entertainment… and that’s just the “A” list.

Since mid 2004 Mr. Spirtas has branched out from the family business to create his own company that supports Local and National contractors the related services of those firms and assisting users of demolition and construction services Nationwide.

Now you can benefit from the years of Mr. Spirtas’ experience and put to work it to work for you.

Contact EJ Spirtas Group today to find out how your company can earn dollars that have been lost in the past…


Written by globalcontractor

May 28, 2009 at 5:35 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Eric
    I am a printer in the Olivette area and would like to help you out with print/print management and a creative way to help get the message out about your business.
    Joe Dolan
    314-991-4300 x 344

    Joe Dolan

    June 1, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    • Joe
      Sorry about a three day turn on the comment back, just flat missed the comment! Love to meet and discuss some business options.
      I am traveling all next week AZ and WI… Can w get together in a week, worse, can I count on you following me up?
      Let me know EJ


      June 5, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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