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NIAGARA Worldwide works with HYPERams to Liquidate Lafayette Louisiana Facility

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ANOTHER NIAGARAworldwide liquidation that proves the theory of association.

Strong Networking, Direct Marketing and a Team of Experienced Sales People allow for another NIAGARA Worldwide liquidation.

Burdette Wilber through GW Associates and NIAGARA Worldwide is working in conjunction with Thomas Pabst, a truly experienced professional in the liquidation, asset recovery business, to maximize results for another satisfied customer.

Information about Thomas Pabst’s:

An innovative, results oriented operational and financial leader with a consistent history of increasing productivity and profit. Excellent investigative, analytical, planning and team building skills. Proven ability to identify profit opportunities and drive their achievement.

Ongoing Events


ONLINE AUCTION: Generator, Marine Equip, Trucks, and More

Lafayette, LA

Download Auction Postcard (PDF) Download the Gulf Fleet Lotbook (PDF)

Special operations of HYPERams

  • Deal structuring and contract negotiation.
  • Asset disposition for maximum return.
  • Team building and recruiting top quality team members.

Thomas Pabst’s Experience

President – HYPERams, LLC

Investment Management industry
November 2010Present (8 months)
HYPERAMS is an entity that invests in asset disposition transactions and other related distressed investment opportunities. Asset classes range from inventory to loan portfolios, and we can sell such assets through a variety of methods. HYPERAMS will concentrate its business on principle positions of any size.


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