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5 Keys to Being a Successful Intrepreneur – Reprint of Ian Sohn

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I strive to inspire employees, seeking an environment in which one feels a part of the organizations growth.  The most engaged employees cross the line and become “Intrepreneur’s”. (Comments by Eric J. Spirtas)

Article Written by Ian Sohn

Both my father and step-father were successful small business owners. One of my MBA co-majors was Entrepreneurial Studies.  Which leads some people to ask why I haven’t pursued an entrepreneurial career.

Actually, despite spending most of my years at large companies, I have. 

To be more precise, I’ve pursued an intrepreneurial career.  One spent making new opportunities for myself within large enterprises, at times where they didn’t previously exist.

Here are my five keys to a successful intrepreneurial career:

  1. Build your network:  As in every other aspect of business, new opportunities come to those who make time to meet new people, explore new areas, and [quite frankly] are likable and easy to work with.  I almost never turn down the chance to meet someone in my organization – I never know what it could eventually lead to.
  2. Speak up:  Unless people know you’ve got the intrepreneurial bug, they might not consider you for new opportunities.  Advocate for yourself!
  3. Dabble:  Try new things.  Go to new trainings.  Play around with new technologies.  In short, explore.
  4. Understand how to translate your skills from A->B:  Often times the greatest opportunities are in areas that you don’t have direct experience.  Well then, you just have to learn how to draw the parallel between what you are good at, and what the position calls for.  Sell it!
  5. Have an open mind:  People who wear blinders miss great opportunities – I’ve seen it a million times.

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