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When your job is to count the trucks… Don’t fix the engine! – [Told by Eric J. Spirtas]

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I was driving with my dad, looking at a job, viewing some workers and dad told me a story:

“You know,” he said “I cannot stand when people don’t stick to what they are are suppose to do.  Don’t over think the job.  Just do what I ask, nothing more.”  He continued, “In the day we had a manager ‘Les Beaty’ and he was given one task on a big job, just count the trucks.”  Sure there was plently of other stuff going on, but that was his job!

He reminds me that he made it clear, “We are paid by the truck, nothing else you do can help us.  Stay focused, document the action, when you get the tickets, I will send the bill, we will all do well.”  He exclaimed.

Well one of the trucks broke down.  The manager was beckoned (he was a good mechanic) and he just had to see if he could help.  “It will only take a couple of minutes,” thought old Les. 

15 minutes later as the manager climbs out from under the truck, he exclaims confidently “I fixed it!”  The truck driver thanks the demolition manager and off he drives.

While “Old” Les was under the truck, do you know how many trucks drove by?  Of course you don’t, but neither does Les

Stepping over a dollar to pick up at a dime.

Consulting is powerful, focus is imparative.  I can help you Focus!  If you have a project or service or need some help guiding your forces, let’s design a program to assist them today.


Let me know if you have a former industrial plant, resulting property and even environmental conditions that trouble you.  We will buy your problem from you.

Contact: EJ Spirtas Group, LLC and more specifically the specialty branch AMAX to tend to your property & asset troubles! 

Eric J. Spirtas
EJ Spirtas Group, LLC
Demolition Expert
Author of “Don’t Wreck the Empire”

Stay tuned… I am writing my book and it is stuffed with these business tips
“Don’t Wreck the Empire” a family business memior – The Prince Views the Kingdom!


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