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Bidding a Church in a Small American Community – By Eric J. Spirtas

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I was hired to bid on a small community church.  This is no “small” order.

Once a doctor was telling me as I was getting my appendix out, “Don’t worry Eric, your safe with me, I remove 8 appendix’s a day… Yeah Doc, but this is my appendix!

Well, this may be your Church, and while it may not be Lambeau Field or Mile High Stadium, there is a process and a program to assist an owner in the efforts of  properly preparing the site for its next responsibility.

“Care, Custody and Control”!

No matter where the demolition, you have the administrative busy work:

  1. Permitting
  2. Utility Terminations
  3. Asbestos
  4. Environmental Items
  5. Communicating with the Police, Fire, DOT, Local Municipality

Then you have the work itself:

  1. Labor
  2. Materials
  3. Equipment
  4. Transportation
  5. Disposal

Specialized equipment and circumstanses even drive the pricing higher.  Salvage or below grade work, the details to every demolition are different. 

Where I think a demolition contractor can shine is in the ability to share ideas with the client.

  • Special ways to minimize fencing costs
  • Salvage tricks that can gain dollars for the client and minimize disposal costs
  • Think GREEN with the disposition of materials (“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”)
  • Communicate and share your detailed bid… this may trigger ideas in a wise clients mind – promoting savings
  • The job is about the CLIENT, not about the contractor.

I really think that a contractor has reached a level of complacency if they only bid by “Unit Pricing”.  There is a level of creativity that is lost and a level of efficiency that is surrendered if the contractor is not figuring the project “Long Hand” considering all of the issues that may occur and pricing the project accordingly.

For assistance with bidding, pricing, bid presentation, demolition and related construction project management, do not hesitate to contact Eric J. Spirtas.

Eric J. Spirtas
EJ Spirtas Group, LLC
Demolition Expert
Author of “Don’t Wreck the Empire”

Contact EJ Spirtas today to price your demolition, scrap your steel, sell your non-ferrous
We simply raise the bar and raise your revenue!
EJ Spirtas Group… Your Global Answer!


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